ABOUT AUTISM: Autism is a developmental disorder that affects almost 1 in 120 children around the world and even here in Nigeria. While there is no known definite cause of autism, it usually manifests internally in a number of biomedical deficiencies and challenges (allergies, mineral/vitamin deficiencies, infections, etc), with an effect on brain development that expresses itself with deficiencies in the following areas, externally:

  • Communication & Language Skills
  • Social Skills & Interaction
  • Learning & Cognitive Skills
  • Behavior

As research into the treatment and care of autism continues to deepen, we have found that there are a number of alternative teaching approaches and therapies focusing on each of these areas of deficiency, as well as special diets, medical interventions and alternative medicine therapies that have been seen to support children on the Autism Spectrum. One of the few things that clearly stand out in the best turn-around stories are:

  • Early Diagnosis & Intervention
  • Focused and Disciplined Programme
  • Parent Participation and Involvement
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation of Therapies and approaches
  • Inclusive Learning Opportunities with Other Children

The Thoughtful House Program

The Thoughtful House Programme is run by the Creative Learning Center in Abuja and seeks to support the development of children on the autism spectrum.

Our unique methodology focuses on a blended approach to autism education and care leveraging on-going research into sustainable and effective practices in the education and care of children on the spectrum. We are able to do this by properly assessing the developmental challenges of our children and creating Individualized Education Plans for them based on our extensive knowledge of a number of teaching methodologies for children with autism. We therefore provide customized learning and activities for each child and ‘blend” a number of well known and effective therapeutic methods to achieve our results.

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