May 14 2021


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It's no news that the security situation in our country and the world at large is getting worse by the day and you may think that your child cannot understand. Unfortunately, the innocence and ignorance of our children are exploited daily, thereby putting them in harm's way. Therefore, we are obliged to improve the security awareness of our children and teach them basic facts about security using the following tips:

Establish a home routine: This should cover procedures for entry and exit from the house. Teach your child to observe the environment before entering the house, what to do upon entry, safety procedures to check for electricity, how to shut down when exiting the house, procedures for attending to visitors, day and night lockdown processes, and so on.

Agree on a security code: Create a security language in your home and choose a secret code only available to your family members. Also, create verbal and nonverbal codes for security situations only known to your immediate family especially the older children.

Listen and be observant: Pay attention to the comments and behaviors of your child, use the opportunity to provide clarity to questions, and create security awareness. For instance, explain to your child the reason for the processes you have put in place concerning entry and exit from the house. Also, ensure your children know important phone numbers and addresses by heart in case they need to reach you urgently.

Utilize family time-outs: Watch movies like "home alone" that give ample visual examples of "breaking in'", practice emergency procedures in the home, calling security personnel, dealing with any form of abuse, and so on.

Encourage your children to speak to you with the saying, “If you see something, say something”.


“Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love”

Billy Graham

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