Jan 12 2022


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For the new year, most of us have made our own plans and preparations but have you thought about helping your child with their own plans and preparations as well? One way to help our children plan and follow through is to have “A word” for the year.

Here are 3 questions that can help you guide your child to select that one word that can run through for this year.

Who do I want to be? This question will help your child develop a healthy self-esteem towards personal habits, relationships and learning. It should also lead to responses about staying healthy and fit, building emotional intelligence, and focusing on growth in both academics and career related decisions.

What do I want to be known for in my relationship with others? This conversation will lead to strategies that will guide your child to be more deliberate with their words, tone, and behaviour during their daily interaction with others. You can help them to maintain these healthy habits by reminding them of the guiding word as often as you can until they imbibe it.

What do I want to see in my learning? By asking this question, you can guide them to think about how well they did in school last term/year and together, you both can consider strategies to maintain progress and /or do better.

From the above, if your child’s word for the year is “CARE”, then it should reflect in their responses to all the questions.


Approach the new year with the resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.

Michael Josephson

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