May 03 2024


  • Abiola Ojebola School Mktg & Comm. Coord.
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April is the month designated by the UN for creating awareness around Autism. In the spirit of creating awareness, fostering acceptance and Empowering Voices of children and individuals living with autism which was the theme for this year's campaign, let's dive into some real talk about autism.

What is autism? Well, it's a developmental condition. Essentially, it impacts how a child grows up, particularly when it comes to socializing and communication but here's the scoop: autism isn't one-size-fits-all. Nope, it's more like a rainbow of differences. Some children have it mild, while others face bigger challenges. In any case, no two children with autism are exactly alike.

How can you tell if someone has Autism? Autism isn't about how a child looks. You can't just glance at someone and be like, "Oh yeah, they're autistic." Only a licensed medical specialist, using special tests can determine if a child has autism.  There are also signals in their actions, such as hand flapping, stacking or lining up objects, spinning, or rocking, that can indicate autism.

What next?  There's help out there. Early diagnosis is key. The sooner we know what's up, the sooner we can start figuring out how to support a neurodiverse child. Whether it's therapy, tools, or just being there to listen, there are ways to make life easier for individuals living with autism.

So, spread the word! Let's break down those stereotypes and show some love and understanding for people living autism. After all, we're all just doing our best to navigate this complex world together.

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