Dec 02 2023


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As the joyous festive season approaches, our children generally opine that it is time for Daddy and Mummy to buy all that is “buyable” and most of us fuel this notion year in year out. However, amidst the glittering lights and the excitement of “gift-getting”, this can be a perfect time to teach and guide our children to understand that true happiness goes hand-in-hand with appreciating what we already have and also manage their "cravings" or "long throat" as the case may be.
Here are some practical strategies we can use to cultivate contentment in the hearts of our children.
1. Be thankful always: Recall the things you are thankful for every day and allow your child to do the same. Whether it's the warmth of Daddy and Mummy’s hug, Mummy’s delicious cooking, or the simple pleasures of being home together at once, these reflections serve as daily reminders of life's real treasures. Also, say "thank you" to the hearing of your child at every act of kindness shown to you or others so your child can emulate.
2. Show kindness towards others: This festive season, emphasize the joy of giving rather than getting through acts of kindness. Engage the entire family in simple projects that involve spreading cheer to the less fortunate like handmade gift-giving. This arts and crafts projects not only fosters creativity but also reinforces the idea that meaningful gifts come from the heart and teaches your child that the true spirit of the season lies in the joy of giving, not just receiving.
3. Share tales of Contentment: Tell the stories, share your experiences of contentment. You can  also buy age-appropriate story books that share stories that highlight the importance of contentment and appreciation with your child. Whether it is tales of characters finding joy in simple things or learning the value of gratitude, storytelling is a powerful tool to convey these timeless lessons especially during celebrations and festivities.
4. Celebrate Achievements: Shift the focus from material possessions to personal achievements and efforts made. Celebrate your children's successes and efforts no matter how small so they can learn that true contentment often stems from personal growth and achievement.
Let us embark on a journey to nurture contentment in the hearts of our children by being thankful, showing them and others kindness and celebrating their little wins while sharing our experiences on contentment.

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